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Esterline Power Systems, Europe SA
2 Rue Goethe.
F-57430 Sarralbe

Tel: (33) 3 87 97 98 97
Fax: (33) 3 87 97 96 98
E-mail: helga.schmidt@esterline.com

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Minimum order quantities apply. For small quantities (e.g., less than 25 subminiature relays, 10 control
devices/balanced armature relays, or 5 rotary/standard/power contactors) please contact an authorized Esterline Power Systems distributor.

These parts may also be available through Esterline Power Systems’ authorized distributors:

Tel: (978) 977-6585
Fax: (978) 977-6829

Flame Enterprises
Tel: (818) 700-2905
Fax: (818) 700-9168

Boone Extend
Tel: +33 388 07 26 40
Fax:+33 388 07 26 49

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