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Detection Technologies


Over its past 50+ years of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) instrumentation development, LRE has acquired a substantial amount of expertise in biosensors and bioelectronics for which it has received much industry recognition.

LRE Medical’s Product Development group utilizes an assortment of detection methods designed to gather biological information and convert it into analytical signals. This assortment of detection methods (listed below) has required it to put together a very diverse product development group comprised of electrical engineers, chemists and physicists.

  • Electrochemical
  • Separation Technologies
  • Magnetism
  • Optical
  • Optical Design

The physicists at LRE Medical integrate the different engineering disciplines to create optimized optical solutions based on the needs of its partnering companies and their end users. They are dedicated to the design and control of interdisciplinary functions.

The following areas of LRE’s expertise and experience in optical design provide much of the foundation for its successful product history:

  • Optical modeling using ZEMAX ray tracing software
  • Measurement technologies
    • Colorimetric reflectance, spectrophotometer, high sensitivity fluorescence, and high sensitivity chemo- and bio- luminescence
  • Image capture and detection technologies
    • Sensors: cameras (CMOS and CCD) / line-sensors / photomultiplier / photodiodes
    • Illumination: Laser diodes, LED, incandescence light sources, flash light
  • Design of imaging and non-imaging optical modules and sub-units
  • Design and precision fabrication, combined with advanced electronics and signal processing
  • Development of compensation and calibration principles for serial manufacturing for long term stability and reproducible performance properties


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