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Zinc-Nickel Plating

Hytek Finishes installed a Zinc-Nickel plating line this year. Zinc-Nickel is the primary replacement for Cadmium-based plating as the aerospace industry moves to a “greener” era. Hytek is the only facility in North America approved to Airbus’ ZiNi plating specification. We are also approved by Boeing to do their ZiNi plating to AMS2417. This can be used in lieu of BAC5637 for virtually all Boeing Finish Codes. Our approval to BAC5637 is pending. We also plan on submitting our process for Bombardier approval in early 2013.

X-Ray Fluorescence

Hytek Finishes has operated its own certified laboratory for many years. In 2012, we added X-Ray Fluorescence to its capabilities. This equipment allows us to measure coating thicknesses and coating compositions within seconds. Although this equipment represented a significant investment, it allows us to get accurate, real-time readings on production parts. This allowed us to meet the exacting Airbus requirements for ZiNi and bring a new level of accuracy to our other plating operations.

AMS 2700 Method 2 – Citric Acid Passivate

Hytek recently installed an exciting new addition to our Passivation Processing Line. We now offer processing to AMS 2700 Method 2 Citric Acid Passivation. This process is an environmentally friendly Passivation process that is currently required by Airbus.

New Paint Capabilities

Hytek has recently completed the installation of a new large paint booth and oven, greatly expanding our prime and paint operations and efficiencies. The new installation was made in response to customer demand for specialty application of Boeing 10-85 - Aluminum Pigmented Coating for Fasteners in support of the B787 Dreamliner program. We now offer 5 large climate and dust controlled paint booths which allow up to 11 painters to be applying product simultaneously.

Hytek is currently designing another addition to our paint shop. We will be installing a multiple-station paint booth and oven to specifically serve our composite customers. As that market grows, we want to be able to rapidly process composites and seals including the delicate surface preparation steps required.

13 Foot Titanium Etch Line

13 Foot Titanium Etch LineHytek also installed a new 13 foot titanium etch line (see photo) specifically designed for larger F-35 and B787 aircraft parts. This line can accommodate parts up to 13 feet long and several feet wide and deep. Hytek continues to also offer it's existing Titanium Etch Line as well, handling parts up to seven feet in length. The added capacity of the new line gives Hytek one of the most efficient and largest Titanium processing facilities anywhere. We are interested in discussing with you your Titanium etching and cleaning requirements.

Recent Approvals

In the past year Hytek has been audited and approved to AS9100 Revision C. In addition, over the past 6 months, Hytek has been visited by representatives and auditors from Lockheed Martin, Gulfstream, Sikorsky Helicopter, Goodrich Landing Gear, Boeing Commercial, Boeing Space and Defense and PRI/Nadcap to name a few. These successful audits in support of our current approvals as well as our AS9100 certification and our “Merit” status on each of our Nadcap approvals, demonstrate our continuing commitment to Quality Systems and Customer Satisfaction.

European Aviation Safety Agency

Hytek has been issued the EASA Part-145 Approval Certificate reference number EASA.145.6150 opening the door for European operators, repair stations and manufacturers to do business with Hytek Finishes. Hytek Finishes can now issue dual-release airworthiness approvals for all MRO components allowing installation in US and Foreign registered aircraft.

Hytek Finishes Co., Kent, WA approved for F-35 Fracture Critical

Hytek NDT inspectors completed a rigorous Fracture Critical Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) exam that granted our facility approval to further support the F-35 program. Northrop Grumman Corporation conducted the audit and the overwhelmingly positive result of this audit has secured Hytek Finishes' position as one of the few fully certified United States finishing houses for the Joint Strike Fighter program's Fracture Critical parts.

Lockheed Martin Accreditation

Hytek recently completed a rigorous series of process and quality audits by the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company. The overwhelmingly positive results of these audits has secured Hytek’s place as one of one of a very few fully certified United States finishing houses on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program.

Nadcap Approval

Hytek continues to be accredited for NDT, Chemical Processes and Shot Peen.

FAA Repair Station Certification #HY7R576J

Hytek is an FAA Approved Maintenance Repair and Overhaul station. We specialize in powerplant, flight control, hydraulic and pneumatic component repairs for Boeing and Airbus products.

Contact the Hytek Sales Department at 253-872-7160 for more information.

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