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Viridor increases AD efficiency with Esterline’s metallic thermal solutions

24/04/2015 - When Viridor Waste Management started to experience problems with the containerised gas burning generators at their Walpole AD plant in Somerset, they turned to Esterline for a solution. Poor insulation coverage had resulted in a loss of revenue, increased maintenance costs and reduced safety in the workplace. Esterline’s E:Gen technology was able to reverse these issues, providing efficient metallic thermal insulation to the engine’s hot surfaces to retain the heat. Derived from aerospace technology, E:Gen can be used for generator turbo covers, side covers and exhaust manifold assemblies; external pipework flange covers (it’s both seagull and rodent proof); and non-return valve covers. Promising to make savings for CHP applications, it also delivers reduced ambient temperatures, reduced db levels and reduced personal burn risk, and complements HSE workplace safety initiatives. 

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