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The Esterline Engineered Materials platform offers a range of advanced materials, components, and surface-treatment processes engineered specifically for extremes in temperature, vibration, and chemical exposure. Innovative research and development assures a continual flow of next-generation technical and design solutions.

Product brands include Darchem, Kirkhill, NMC, and TA Products, and Hytek Finishes.

Esterline Engineered Materials is an industry innovator in solving high-temperature and thermal engineering challenges for the world’s leading aerospace and defense companies.

Engineered Materials’ specialized capabilities range from innovative clamping devices, fasteners and sealing systems to thermal insulation, fire barriers and critical ducting systems.

Kirkhill Products

Kirkhill (formerly Kirkhill Rubber Company) is a leading diversified manufacturer of highly engineered, organic, and in-organic elastomer based products. Kirkhill is a leading domestic producer of precision silicone seals for commercial and military aircraft, rocket and missile liner insulation material, and application specific engineered products serving the defense, industrial, and commercial markets.

  • Aerodynamic seals for commercial and military airframes
  • Duct and firewall seals for aircraft engines and nacelles
  • Aircraft door and hatch seals
  • Aircraft conductive seals for electromagnetic interference survivable conditions

TA Aerospace Products

TA (formerly TA Mfg.) is an industry leader in engineered elastomers and aerospace clamping to the aircraft market. Through the development of aerospace clamping solutions, TA became an industry leader in elastomer technology. TA’s high temperature elastomer compounds continually set new standards for aerospace silicones. As a result, many major aerospace OEM’s write their standards around TA elastomers and designs.

  • Aerodynamic, firewall, high temperature, hatch, door, window, and EMI seals
  • Custom and standard shapes

Darchem Products

Darchem Engineering offers of wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of light weight insulation systems, fire protection products and high temperature metallic fabrications for the aerospace, automotive, marine and energy sectors. Darchem also provide high precision honeycomb wind tunnel flow straighteners and turbulence control screens allowing customers to optimize their aerodynamic designs.

  • Insulation Systems
  • Aerostructures
  • Nuclear Systems
  • Turbine Structures
  • Thermal Protection

NMC Products

NMC Aerospace (Nylon Molding Corporation) has been a supplier to a wide range of industries, for aircraft and electronics industries to medical and automotive. NMC offers a line of products that include plastic clamps, grommets and wiring devices. In addition, NMC offer custom molded plastic parts for use in all major industries.

  • Nylon Clamps
  • Wire Routing Devices
  • Honeycomb Panel Fasteners
  • Adhesive Bonded Fasteners
  • Swiftbond™

Hytek Finishes

Hytek Finishes is the largest independent supplier of specialized metal finishings in the Pacific Northwest and one of the largest in North America. For over 55 years, we have partnered with our customers who produce a wide variety of manufactured products for the Aerospace, Defense, Industrial, Recreational and Electronics markets.

  • Metal finishing
  • Plating
  • Anodizing 
  • Organic coating services

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