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Palomar SCS 3.0 Technology




Secure Communications Solutions with Compact Digital Audio Switching for Fixed-Wing Aircraft, Helicopters, UAV, Ground Control, and Shipboard

Palomar SCS 3.0 technology provides state-of-the-art intercommunications based on our latest compact digital audio technology. It offers an uncompromising combination of reliability, modularity, upgradability, and interoperability, making it the solution of choice for all 21st-Century multi-mission platforms.

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Palomar C130J cutaway


Palomar airborne intercoms


Palomar P-3 cutaway

System Architecture

Our SCS 3.0 technology features our new Digital Crew Unit (DCU) architecture, allowing standard unit circuitry to operate with a wide range of panels without hardware or application software modifications.

  • Minimum cost to change or redesign front panel quickly
  • Generic programmable architecture with a universal connector
  • Flexible backplane with all key functionality and a programmable panel interface
  • Software-only control panel available for existing computer screens and multi-function modules — no need for extra space and wiring for special applications
  • Binaural audio with support for ANR and dual headsets per position

Palomar SCS 3.0 large-system architecture

Palomar SCS 3.0 small-system architecture

Line Replaceable Units (LRUs)

  • Digital switching unit
  • Button common digital crew unit
  • Digital switching unit
  • Alphanumeric digital crew unit
  • Common digital crew unit


  • NSTISSAM / TEMPEST 1-92 Level 1
  • Reduced size, weight and power
  • Simultaneous clear and secure operation
  • Digital voice, data and video management
  • Complete management of communication assets and user configurations
  • Easy customization due to modern modular design
  • Radio and crypto relay
  • Intercom conferencing
  • Wideband audio
  • Certifiable multi-level secure VoIP
  • Binaural audio (spatial optional)
  • Redundancy and emergency operations
  • Extensive BIT capabilities
  • Radio-priority configurable for each position
  • Conduction-cooled sealed enclosures
  • Standard interfaces: MIL-STD-1553 and Ethernet
  • Compatible with all standard headsets and microphones
  • NVIS compatible and daylight readable
  • DO-178B and DO-254 certifiable

Palomar ship cutaway



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