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Palomar SCS 1.0 Technology

Secure Communications Solutions with Analog Audio Switching for Large Fixed-Wing Aircraft, Medium and Heavy Helicopters, and Shipboard Applications

Palomar SCS 1.0 technology provides a wide range of solutions for secure intercommunication systems (ICS) using full military qualified non-developmental item hardware.

Our TEMPEST compliant integrated systems include high quality audio, secure and clear communications, crypto and data modem switching, radio control, radio relay, MIL-STD-1553B interface, microprocessor controlled flexibility, redundancy and a current design for logistics support.

Ultra-high channel-to-channel isolation allows the management of multi-level secure communication assets and crew stations. The integrated, microprocessor controlled, modular distribution system is designed to meet modern net-centric multi-mission operational requirements. It offers reliable real-time control of communication and data assets in the most demanding battlefield conditions.

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Palomar C130J

Palomar Marine One

Palomar navy ship

System Architecture

The flexible and modular SCS 1.0 architecture can be scaled from simple internal/external communication systems up to full command and control systems that include crypto and data link assignments, clear/secure radio relay, clear/secure simulcast, unlimited conference networks and selective dial-up. Systems can be interfaced to mission computers via standard network links.

Palomar SCS 1.0 architecture

Line Replaceable Units (LRUs)

  • Air vehicle maintenance audio panel
  • Audio amplifier unit
  • Auxiliary control unit
  • Central control unit
  • Central switching unit
  • Clear/sec panel
  • Communications control unit
  • Crew station unit
  • CSU interface unit
  • Digital switching unit
  • Dual crew station unit
  • Emergency audio panel
  • Flight-deck audio panel
  • Headset
  • Jackbox
  • Liquid-crystal crew display unit
  • Maintenance station unit
  • Mission audio panel
  • Mission maintenance audio panel
  • PA amplifier
  • PA interface unit
  • PA interface unit
  • Programming display unit
  • Radio select panel
  • Refuel audio panel
  • Special audio panel


  • Simultaneous clear and secure transmissions
  • TEMPEST qualified to NSTISSAM TEMPEST/1-92 Level 1 and NACSIM 5100
  • Greater than 120dB crosstalk isolation
  • EMP/lightning hardened
  • Voice and data switching with binaural audio
  • Wideband audio
  • Radio and crypto control
  • Crypto/modem switching
  • Both redundant and emergency backup operations
  • Recorder control/playback
  • Lightweight, low power consumption
  • Convection cooled, no forced air required
  • High reliability and low mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Built-in test
  • Standard interfaces: MIL-STD-1553, RS-422 (Ethernet optional)
  • Night-vision compatible
  • Compatible/daylight readable
  • Alarm generation
  • Radio relay (clear and secure)
  • Compatibility with all standard headsets and microphones
  • Multi-headset interface at each position


  • This summary only contains basic marketing information on function or purpose. It does not contain technical data as defined in 15 CFR 772 or 22 CFR 120.10. This information is not subject to US export controls under the EAR or the ITAR.

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