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Palomar Secure Communication Systems (SCS) Solutions


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PDFOverview of Palomar Secure Communication Systems (SCS) solutions

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Palomar SCS technologies from Esterline set the industry benchmark for intercommunication solutions (ICS). They include switching and crew-position units for airborne, shipboard, unmanned, and ground applications for multi-mission platforms. Typical implementations are airborne secure interphones, shipboard secure voice switches (SVS), air-defense ground stations, and more.

  • Fixed-wing aircraft: B-1, P-3, P-8, AEW&C, AWACS, AC/C130, E-3A / RE-6, E-6A/B, CL 604
  • Rotary-wing aircraft: VH-3, VH-60 / HH-60, VH-71, AW-149
  • Ships: LCC, LHA, LHD, CV/CVN, BB, CG, DDG

Palomar SCS 1.0
Analog audio switching

Palomar SCS 2.0
Digital audio switching

Palomar SCS 3.0
Compact digital audio switching

Palomar SCS Next Gen
Next-generation technology

Palomar SCS 1.0 Palomar SCS 2.0 Palomar SCS 3.0 Palomar Next Gen
  • Large fixed-wing aircraft, medium and heavy helicopters, and shipboard
  • Integrated systems using full military qualified non-developmental item hardware
  • Large fixed-wing aircraft
  • High-quality secure digital voice/data switching and conferencing with combined system management
  • Fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, UAV, ground control, and shipboard
  • Uncompromising combination of reliability, modularity, upgradability, and interoperability
  • Adapted to all airborne, ground-based, and shipboard applications

Video introduction to Palomar SCS solutions

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Video on Palomar SCS solutions for naval environments

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