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Palomar SCS 2.0 Technology

Secure Communications Solutions with Digital Audio Switching for Applications on Large Fixed-Wing Aircraft

Palomar SCS 2.0 technology provides a state-of-the-art digital intercommunications based on our field-proven TDM digital switching technology used in air traffic control and custom telephony applications. It provides a complete solution for systems demanding high-quality secure digital voice/data switching and conferencing with combined system management.

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Palomar P-8 cutaway

Palomar AWACS

Palomar air traffic control

System Architecture

The unique SCS 2.0 distributive architecture is easily customizable for a tailored design and strategic placement of components. The system is a secure digital switch with isolated buses to carry multiple levels of secure data which extends from radio and crypto assets and is maintained throughout all components. It coordinates modes of transceivers, cryptos, data modems, and host computers with controls at operator positions.

Palomar SCS 2.0 architecture

Line Replaceable Units (LRUs)

  • Audio switching unit
  • Communications switching unit
  • Cordset - flight deck
  • Cordset - mission
  • Flight-deck auxiliary audio panel assembly
  • Flight-deck mission control panel
  • Flight-deck mission electronics unit
  • Handset assembly
  • Handset audio panel
  • Headset - microphone
  • Jackbox
  • Mission audio panel
  • Mission maintenance audio panel
  • Tray communication switching unit


  • High-speed state-of-the-art digital architecture
  • Secure digital switch with isolated multi-level security
  • Complete management of configuration
  • Unique modular distributed architecture for tailored designs and fault tolerance
  • Digital voice and sideband switching
  • Crypto switching and radio relay
  • Digital recording and playback with external disk
  • Gigabit Ethernet fiber LAN I/O
  • VoIP ports (optional)
  • Up to 2000 voice/data sources
  • Extensive interphone conferencing
  • Telephone switching functions (PBX) (optional)
  • Very low deterministic system latency
  • Binaural audio redundancy (spatial optional)
  • Extensive BIT
  • No extra wires for emergency backup mode
  • Radio priority configurable for each position


  • This summary only contains basic marketing information on function or purpose. It does not contain technical data as defined in 15 CFR 772 or 22 CFR 120.10. This information is not subject to US export controls under the EAR or the ITAR.

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