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Ethics Message From the CEO

Dear Colleagues:

Delivering what we promise, practicing respect for all people, and conducting ourselves in an ethical, lawful manner in all we do are cornerstones of Esterline’s culture and business strategy.  By expressing these principles in our work with customers, suppliers, other employees, and in our daily lives, we offer more value to our stakeholders.  Whether you are dealing with an important client, a personal friend, or a teacher at your child’s school, the foundation of Esterline’s value system – what we call “The Esterline Way” – uses our core values and our operating system standards to help you successfully embody:

  • High personal and product standards;
  • A spirit of teamwork and accountability in all we do;
  • Inclusion and engagement in our daily work;
  • A focus on training and development; and
  • Open, two-way communication.

The world is becoming more complex.  As a global company doing business in this ever changing environment, Esterline relies on every member of the team to make a commitment to our value system and realize the benefits of following The Esterline Way every day.  It must be our goal as employees to work respectfully with each other and achieve quality in all we do, to refuse to compromise our integrity and know that our colleagues will do the same, and to always be mindful of the rules and regulations that govern our business and environment. 

It’s important to point out that there are resources available if you ever have questions.  Please read the Code to understand what is expected of you, talk to your supervisor or consult your ethics advisor if you need more information. Also,  don’t hesitate to use Esterline’s confidential Ethics and Compliance Helpline if you see activity that might violate the law or the principles of The Esterline Way.  This Code booklet is just one of several tools that are here to help you find answers to your questions.

I expect that we will all act with integrity at all times and comply with laws and regulations without exception.  It is absolutely critical to our business and our level of success; there is no room for compromise.  We have many stakeholders who depend on the integrity of our people and products.  We cannot let them down.  Together, let’s live The Esterline Way, Every Day.



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