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Three Circles Esterline Way Cultural Framework


Our cultural framework - The Esterline Way - merges our values & principles, people philosophy, and operating approach to inspire and lead employees to achieve their goals in the right way.  

Having clearly defined cultural values and expectations is mission-critical to Esterline’s success. We expect all our leaders to demonstrate the desired behaviors, set clear expectations for their employees, and effectively lead the way. The Esterline Way creates a framework for leaders, and all employees, to believe in and follow. It sets forth our core values of reliability, trust, respect, integrity, and legal compliance while emphasizing an operational foundation of customer satisfaction, workplace safety, innovation, and continuous improvement.

When employees understand and support the cultural and operational values of the organization, they are more likely to achieve success together. The Esterline Way offers a unique competitive advantage, putting the company on a path to be best-in-class at delivering excellent products with the best value from the best team in the business.


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