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Featuring TREALITY® Products



TREALITY® Visual Display Systems


Display Management


TREALITY's display management systems are designed to manage 3D and 2D content in the most flexible and user-friendly way. A complete portfolio of different configurations lets you choose exactly the system you need.



A powerful tool to automatically re-align TREALITY's visual display systems


Optical soft edge blending for perfect day, night and NVG imagery

Blend Plate Motorization

Automatic switching between optimal day and night settings


TREALITY's LDAT™ (Laser Diode Array Tool) marks reference patterns to effectively align display channels.


External warping, blending and color matching


External warping, blending and color matching box for 4K projectors


External warping, blending and color matching box for TREALITY Galaxy and HDQ 4K projectors


TREALITY’s Proprietary Projector Alignment Tool


Remote control for multi-projector display systems

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