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Air Traffic Control

ATC Simulation

Esterline, Simulation Visual Systems is an experienced player in training air traffic controller visual simulation. It is a must to turn knowledge into practice.

By simulating situations and potential crisis scenarios as accurately as possible you can optimally prepare for mission critical situations.

Esterline provides world class visual system, so air traffic controllers can, through simulation, train what you can’t in real life.

TREALITY® visualization solutions are deployed around the world in both civil and military air traffic control centers.

We apply our knowledge and expertise in real-world air traffic control to our simulation solutions, in which replicating reality is critical for effective training.

Challenges and Objectives

  • With increased air traffic the need for training increases.
  • Esterline can deliver a custom field of view display to a full 360° field of view system with automated doors.
  • A full 360° Fiel-of-View with allows for multiple controller working positions with space for additional positions for supervisor or departure clearance.
  • The screen can be divided into 3 separate areas, this gives 3 smaller training areas in the same rotunda.
  • A flexible tower simulator which can simulate realistic weather conditions, such as bad visibility, snow and rain.
  • Esterline’s optical edge blending allows for a perfect multi-channel image and perfect nighttime.

Efficient tools maintain uptime and smooth operation

  • SimCAD, our custom 3D software specifically developed for simulation allows our engineers to optimize the system configuration, calculate critical performance parameters, and accurately predict final system performance.
  • State-of-the-art system tools helps to achieve image continuity.
  • Esterline TREALITY XDS-RACU control system allows users to operate, calibrate, configure and diagnose systems across multiple channels to maintain uniformity, while specially engineered Esterline software makes alignment simple and intuitive.
  • In addition, the mechanical structures which house projectors and peripherals are custom-engineered by Esterline, ensuring that the entire system functions smoothly and without discrepancies.

Esterline’s solution, upgrades and services

DLP technology is able to provide the higher white levels required for visualizing challenging weather conditions such as fog and snow, but also delivers the black levels needed for night scenes

  • Esterline engineering know-how is used to deliver the tower simulator which will answer your requirements.
  • Delivering new high quality front or rear projection screens with correct gain factor to increase system contrast to upgrading existing visual displays
  • The multi-channel optimizations and Esterline’s optical edge blending allow for a fuss-free cross-channel matching.

Skills and expertise around the world

Esterline, Simulation Visual Systems has the experience and global reach to handle in all corners of the world. We are always ready to respond quickly and effectively to customer support requirements.

With such a large worldwide presence, we are able to minimize downtime and maximize customersatisfaction regardless of where our systems are installed.

20,000 air traffic controllers rely on Esterline every day

In major airports all over the world, teams of air traffic controllers work around the clock tirelessly to guarantee minimum separation and guide aircraft safely and efficiently to their destination.

With a worldwide installed base of over 12,000 display products, 20,000 air traffic controllers use Esterline visualization every day to ensure the safety of air passengers.

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