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Flight Simulation

TREALITY provides a wide-range of simulation display systems for the flight training market. The industry’s best technology dome displays and collimated displays provide realistic and immersive training experiences for effective pilot training. TREALITY’s portfolio of displays is used to train: commercial airline and helicopter pilots and military trainer, fast-jet, transport-jets and helicopter pilots. Smear-free, realistic daytime, nighttime, dusk and night-vision goggle scenes are displayed onto either front-projection or rear-projection screens depending on the customer’s requirements. TREALITY's display systems and projectors carry the highest levels of industry certification including FAA Level D certification on our collimated displays.

Maritime Simulation

High contrast, bright and high-resolution imagery is important for maritime simulation displays. TREALITY’s display systems provide the required visual quality for naval ship, submarine, hover-craft, ferry, tug, port-crane, ship-bridge and other maritime simulators. Both front-projection and rear-projection displays are available and provide realistic maritime scenes with various night, day, and weather conditions.

Ground-Based Simulation

Ground-based simulation includes: driving, mining, train, subway, firearm, dismounted infantry, forward observer and a host of other training systems. Typical requirements for these types of displays are fast update-rate, high-resolution, compact size, deployable and seamless multi-channel imagery. TREALITY's display technology not only offers all these features but also has a number of innovations available like large field-of-view roll-up spherical screens and quick and easy setup and operation in remote locations.

Air Traffic Control Simulation

With air traffic ever increasing, the demand for real-life air traffic control (ATC) training systems continuously grows. TREALITY's display systems offer the needed fidelity to accurately simulate real-world runway and airport area scenes. High-contrast displays provide the needed image quality for night, day, and various weather conditions. When solid-state illuminated projectors are used, the display system becomes virtually maintenance-free due to the extremely long life of the light source.


Increasingly, planetariums are using projection technology to replace or complement the traditional star balls, thereby significantly reducing the running cost and providing the ability to combine traditional high resolution night sky imagery with educational show content. Modern digital planetariums require realistic projection of night sky images with very deep black levels and high resolution imagery. TREALITY provides both installations for new planetariums as well as upgrades to existing planetariums’ visual systems. Its visual systems use multiple high contrast projectors and profession system tools to create realistic and uniform imagery on a large spherical screen, both in 2D or 3D.

A Complete Range of Services

TREALITY offers a complete range of products and services for the simulation market. This includes projectors, but also an auto-alignment suite of software and hardware products, projection screens, display management systems and mechanical structures. All TREALITY systems are designed with SimCAD, a custom real-time ray tracing software program specifically developed for simulation. SimCAD allows TREALITY engineers to optimize the system configuration, calculate critical performance parameters, and accurately predict final system performance. SimCAD can also export setup information to the projectors, which shortens field installation time and prevents costly problems during integration and testing



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TREALITY® Products

Dome Displays

Curved, immersive visualization systems for training and simulation

Collimated Displays

Fully integrated displays for enhanced side-by-side cockpit training

Air Traffic Control Simulation

Air traffic control (ATC) training systems

Display Management

Collaboration made easy with Esterline's display management tools

Simulation Projectors

Projection for simulation and training

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