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Primary Electrical Power Distribution Center (PEPDC)

The Primary Electrical Power Distribution Center (PEPDC) on the A400M Future Large Airlifter military transport aircraft program is designed by Esterline Power Systems, Leach International Europe. The PEPDC is the primary switching system assembly responsible for switching and distributing electrical power from the generators to the main supply busbars on the aircraft. It consists of various types of high-amperage Leach power contactors that include sophisticated levels of protection.

AC & DC Distribution Center Description (Half Section)

Main Features

  • 2 units per aircraft (left + right)
  • Provides power distribution on four AC channels (via 24 Contactors / 115 VAC/ 275 Amps) and 2 DC channels (via 11 contactors DC/ 400 Amps)
  • AFDX Buses (100MB) for control and maintenance
  • External CAN Buses for maintenance
  • Internal CAN Buses for control and maintenance
  • Configurable by data-loading
  • Equipment design assurance level : B

 Main Specifications

  • 150 microprocessors and Programmable Logic Devices (in full configuration)
  •       90,000 lines of Code (according to DO 178 B - DAL B)
          50,000 lines of Logics (according to DO254 B - DAL B)
  • 65,000 electronic components per ship set
  • 2 kilometers of wiring per PEPDC

The Esterline Power Systems Power Distribution capabilities

AC Power Distribution Unit

DC Primary Power Distribution Unit

Static Secondary DC Power Distribution Unit

DC Secondary Power Distribution Unit

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