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In space and on earth, Esterline Power systems is the world’s leading manufacturer of Leach® electromechanical and solid state switch gear for aircraft, defense, space, and rail application

Esterline Power Systems can provide:

  • Lower cost
  • Lighter weight
  • More reliable solutions

Our success comes from our leading-edge manufacturing techniques, such as laser welding and strenuous testing at every stage of production. Our goal is a zero failure rate; perfect reliability means a relentless reach for impurities, and meticulous adjustment of the components. Our products do not leave the clean room until they are safely sealed inside their casings. They will, after all be facing severe conditions including: vibration, jolting, dampness, pollution, and extreme temperatures and pressures.

While Leach is the world’s leading brand for switch gear, more than one third of our activity is as an equipment manufacture, once again using cutting edge techniques. Esterline Power Systems applies its design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to create solutions-oriented equipment for power distribution and control. Combining its leading-edge components with unique design and manufacturing capabilities to provide custom solutions such as:

  • AC/DC Primary and secondary power distribution assemblies
  • Relay panels
  • Thrust reverser control units
  • Emergency Lighting Control Units
  • GFI units
  • Smart contactors
  • Wiring integrated assemblies
  • Windshield controllers