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Full Design and Manufacturing Services. Structured Process Control Methodologies and Quality Systems.

Count on Memtron for expert design collaboration and application engineering support, at any level, to facilitate and streamline the design-for-manufacturability process. We recognize that ever-shorter lead times and product life cycles put greater emphasis on customer relationships and technology—and we work closely to develop the solution that best fits your needs.

Memtron’s Advanced ThruPut design library is available to reduce risk and make product outcome reliable, predictable and cost-effective. Our industry knowledge helps you keep pace with changing technological advancements and regulatory requirements to remove any potentially obstructive issues for true value engineering.

Service Leadership and Competencies

  • Development of thousands of proven designs, options and alternatives
  • Elastomer keypad design
  • Screen printing of various inks
  • Laser cutting
  • Laminating, die cutting and embossing
  • Electronic and mechanical fabrication
  • Full PCB assembly, through-hole and surface mount
  • Final assembly and test to the system level
  • Reliability and compliance testing, both in-house and in partnership with independent test laboratories
  • Worldwide procurement surety via parent Esterline (NYSE: ESL)
  • International presence to provide best-cost solutions
  • Established supplier partnerships that aid in problem solving and new technology development
  • RapidRight Prototyping Program
  • Dock-to-stock dependability
  • Understanding of domestic and international standards including: FDA, USDA, 3A, PMO, HACCP, UL, NSF, NEMA, MIL Specs and CE Mark for European markets
  • Conformance to and involvement in ASTM standards/standards committee
  • ISO 9001:2000 Certified quality system
  • Commitment to LEAN manufacturing
  • Kan-Ban and Just-In-Time inventory support
  • Authorized Partnership Select membrane switch manufacturer of 3M adhesives and spacers since 1995
  • Licensed DuraSwitch manufacturer
  • Consignment inventories; production spike assistance

Extensive Product Technologies

  • Overlay/graphic
  • Shielding
  • Bulk backlighting
  • Tactile elements
  • Circuits
  • Components
  • Rigid backers and enclosures
  • DuraSwitch PushGate™ and thiNcoder™ switches

Complete Product Development Services

  • Combining mechanical, chemical and electronics expertise
  • 3-tier approval process on all designs via mail or electronic delivery:
         design approval
         art/graphic approval
         color substrate approval
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering:
         preliminary design and concept development
         design tools for schematic and PCB layout
         state-of-the-art CAD: Solidworks and AutoCAD
         design for assembly
         graphics design
  • Reliability engineering
         life cycle testing
         temperature and humidity testing
         chemical compatibility testing
  • Compliance engineering
         ESD testing
         EMI/RFI testing  

Comprehensive Material Management Program

  • Commodity management process
         cross-functional teams
         in-depth RFQ
         on-site process control surveys
  • Supplier development and quality management
         Supplier performance rating system
         Monthly report cards
         Quality/delivery assessment
         Monthly review of buyers actions
  • Strategic cost management
         Majority of purchased materials under agreements
         Baseline set by competitive award
         Baseline maintained by benchmarking
         Monthly buyer performance reporting
         Published commodity plans

LEAN Manufacturing Process

  • Visual scheduling
  • Workplace organization (5 S’s)
  • Worker involvement and training
  • Accelerated Improvement Workshops
  • Design review format
  • Scrap reduction in print production (30% reduction)
  • Setup time reduction in print production (40% decrease)

Quality Assurance Systems

  • ISO 9001:2000 Certified
  • Continuous improvement practices
  • Fully documented QA system
  • Preferred and certified supplier with major customers
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