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Memtron Input Components 

Memtron Input Components, part of Esterline Interface Technologies, produces custom-designed input components including membrane switches, passive and active PC board-backed switches, elastomeric keypads, and touch screen integrated panels. All of these can be developed to withstand harsh weather, altitude, chemicals and rough handling. A Memtron device can be found in virtually any application imaginable—from hospital surgical rooms and restaurants to manufacturing plant floors and oil rigs.

Memtron leverages 30 years of interface expertise and technology development to implement fast-turn prototypes and designs for low-cost manufacturing. Worldwide procurement abilities—strengthened through Esterline—contribute to our value proposition. Dock-to-stock supplier status, certified with ISO 9001:2008 international manufacturing standards, and a state-of-the-art 45,000-square-foot manufacturing facility all help customers balance real market needs with a measurable cost/time advantage.

Memtron purchased Duraswitch in October 2008Duraswitch patented and proprietary technology includes PushGate switch solutions and the low profile, sealable thiNcoder rotary switch. A flexible, dedicated-team structure and company-wide commitment to customer requirements factor greatly in our ability to deliver quality products that meet aggressive deadlines with minimal costs. Extensive in-house capabilities permit custom component manufacture in prototype and production quantities.

Providing Customers With Technological Growth Opportunities

Memtron offers our input component customers the uniqueness of technological growth. As customers needs escalate to fully integrated system-level support including software, firmware and box builds, Esterline Interface Technologies resources are available. Esterline Interface Technologies is comprised of Memtron Input Components, Advanced Input Systems, LRE Medical, and Esterline Input Devices (Shanghai) Ltd.

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