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cPoC Reader Platform


For many IVD assay companies, making the transition from lateral flow visual-read, rapid-test assays to highly sensitive, quantitative assays is often prohibitive due to large, upfront capital investment, and lack of experienced in vitro diagnostic (IVD) engineering resources. To overcome this barrier, LRE Medical developed a generic compact Point-of-Care (cPoC) Reader for reading lateral flow test strips and lateral flow cassettes.

By doing so, LRE created many important advantages compared to “start-from-scratch” development projects, such as:

  • Rapid access to functional Reader(s) for assay development and validation.
  • Lower project risk
  • Substantially lower development costs
  • Significantly less development time
  • Extremely competitive transfer pricing

LRE’s generic cPoC lateral flow reader is contemporary in appearance provides the following features and options:

  • 3.5” QVGA color graphic LCD display with backlighting
  • Flying Optics adaptable to customer specific optical requirements
  • Retractable mechanical drawer with “snap in” customized for customer specific test device
  • Membrane keypad with 21 keys (4 arrow, 12 alpha-numeric, 2 soft-keys, 3 function)
  • Communication interfaces
    • 2 Standard (LAN and PS2)
    • Optional selections - USB, RFID, 2D barcode reader (internal), and SD Memory Card
  • Internal printer
  • Comprehensive GUI
  • Electronics with a variety of interface options
  • Platform software adaptable to OEM’s requirements
  • Platform documentation and qualification
  • Processes, tools and test equipment for manufacturing process

Partnering companies have the ability to differentiate LRE’s cPoC lateral flow reader operation (customer specific measurement sequence, algorithm) and customize its appearance through:

  • Changes in the color scheme (see examples above)
  • Modification of the upper housing
  • Custom design of their own graphical user interface
    • Display
    • Keypad
    • Touch Screen

LRE’s generic cPoC lateral flow strip reader utilizes market tested and proven components/modules for electronics, hardware, and software. Its optical system performs multiple location measurements in combination with application specific software to read, evaluate, format and output results.

cPoCLab Lateral Flow Strip Reader or Lateral Flow Cassette Reader plus Assay Development and Evaluation Software Tool

LRE’s cPoC Reader with Assay Development and Evaluation Software Tool is an ideal support for assay development and QA during production. Use of its cPoC Reader and its generic modules allows for LRE to quickly adapt to a partnering company's requirements for assay platform such as:

  • Test Device – lateral flow cartridge, lateral flow strip, lateral flow cassette, microchip, etc.
  • Optics – colorimetric reflectance, fluorescence, chemiluminescence

The Assay Development and Evaluation Software Tool is LabView based and provides for the:

  • Control of functional models, prototypes and serial readers
  • Performance of scans with different scan parameters to find the optimum setting for the assay
  • Development and improvement of mathematical Reader algorithm
  • Export of data to CSV file

The cPoC Reader with Assay Development and Evaluation Software Tool can usually be delivered to a partnering company within four (4) to eight (8) weeks of purchase order.


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