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Point-of-Use Devices


As a trusted outsourcing provider with engineers, chemists, physicists, and manufacturing specialists, LRE Medical is a full-service, “One-Stop Shopping” provider of IVD Contract Engineering and Manufacturing. We offer our partnering companies innovative solutions for point-of-care testing requirements. Whether the need is for state-of-the-art PCR using microfluidics or proprietary technology for chemistry, immunochemistry, and coagulation applications, LRE has the expertise and most of all, the experience.

LRE’s Point-of-Use Products are routinely designed, developed and manufactured for the following testing environments:

  • Medical and Veterinary Diagnostics
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Agriculture and Environmental Bio-Detection
  • Forensics

LRE Medical’s product’s and engineering services are globally recognized for their proven reliability and superior quality. We have enabled our partnering companies to achieve significant commercial market success by delivering products that have become winners in their respective markets.

Thanks to our rich portfolio of application-specific technology that has been developed over the 50+ years, LRE can readily customize an analytical device that provides its partnering companies:

  • Quality subassemblies with proven reliability and performance
  • Reduced development time and costs
  • Lower transfer pricing

and, meets or exceeds its expectations.

Some of the features provided by LRE Medical’s modularized subassembly platforms include:

  • Smaller instrument footprint
  • Simultaneous detection of multiple analytes
  • Quantitative/semi-quantitative/qualitative results
  • Adaptability to different test and chemistry formats
  • Optical and electrochemical detection systems
    •   Reflectance
    •   Transmission
    •   Fluorescence
    •   Chemo-Bioluminescence
    •   Amperometry
  • Standard interface configurations (USB, Ethernet, W-LAN, LAN, PS2)
  • Battery or AC power source options
  • Support for internal and external printers
  • Software for assay development, system engineering and/or QA in production
  • Calibration updating for lot-to-lot variations via RFID, bar code, SD card and other options that meet CLIA requirements


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