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Handheld Devices


Traditionally, LRE Medical has designed, developed, manufactured, and delivered pocket-sized handheld products that targeted single analyte tests such as glucose, cholesterol, hemoglobin, and similar applications to its partnering companies. However, with technology advancements and communication requirements expanding, LRE is now providing its partnering companies with larger handheld devices that are significantly more complex. Performance, quality and reliability are core values that LRE strictly adheres to while still providing its customers with competitively pricing.

LRE’s has comprehensive and proven expertise in the design, development and manufacturing of pocket-sized to more sophisticated handheld devices for the areas of chemistry, immunochemistry and coagulation. This experience permits us to customize an analytical device to a client’s specifications in a shorter time frame, with significantly less risk for failure, and most importantly - lower engineering costs.

LRE’s partnering companies' Handheld Products are designed with user friendly “graphic user interfaces” (GUIs) regardless of whether it is for the "more simplistic" or "most complex" applications. Furthermore, they are designed to utilize “ultra low” battery consumption and can have the ability to communicate via Bluetooth, WiFi, LAN, USB, barcode or RFID technology.

LRE’s Handheld Products are most often designed for the following testing environments:

  • Medical, Veterinary, and Consumer Diagnostics
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Environment
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