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While many excellent ideas are confirmed at the level of "proof of principle", significantly more is required before such an idea is successfully commercialized. When a new product is conceptualized, it often requires the production of prototypes, at different stages of development. The prototypes are subjected to significant experimentation, refinement, and testing before ultimately reaching a final design.

Before LRE Medical transfers a device from product development to serial production, the final design prototypes must be satisfactorily proven to meet or exceed:

  • Customer specifications
  • User expectations
  • Performance and reliability requirements
  • Manufacturability

LRE Medical’s in vitro diagnostic device prototyping capabilities include:

  • In-house prototype and pre-production capabilities
  • Experience in Rapid Prototyping with Stereo Lithography, Silicon Molding, CNC and 3D printing
  • In-house model shop facility
    • 3D Printing
    • Milling centers
    • Turning centers
    • CNC Knee Mills
    • Grinding
  • Comprehensive environmental testing: in-circuit, functional, stress and climate