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Product Development Overview

LRE Medical’s multi-disciplinary Product Development Teams consist primarily of experienced professionals with commitment, expertise, competence and excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

At LRE Medical, our Product Development Teams are focused on rapidly and efficiently providing our partnering companies with innovative, reliable, superior performance and highest quality instrumentation. We combine this with our unique personal customer interactions resulting in an extraordinary development experience.

LRE’s Engineering Development Process for in vitro diagnostic instrumentation utilizes a defined phased process with a set of distinctive steps. Each phase’s milestones must meet or exceed the expectations of both LRE and client before a phase is signed off as complete. Every phase has a complete listing of milestone deliverables available at the end of it.

The advantages of using this approach are:

  • Formal reviews
  • Formal control over direction changes, and
  • Re-estimations of the project, if necessary

A typical project is outlined as illustrated below:



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