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Electronics Engineering


LRE Medical’s Electronics Engineering group designs forward thinking solutions that not only address the functional design requirements but those of safety, regulatory compliance, reliability, manufacturability, serviceability, and reproducibility. The following are services provided and competencies:

  • Architectural/detailed design according to V-Model
  • Feasibility studies
  • Early observance of IVD manufacturability issues
  • Close cooperation with Notified Bodies: UL, TUV and CSA
  • Design flow chart and verification
  • Analog Design Expertise
    • Analog and power filtering
    • Precision amplifiers
    • Sensors and sensor Interfaces
    • Optical and imaging devices
    • Data conversion, high resolution and high speed
    • Low noise design
    • Power circuitry designs, portable power, battery backed systems
    • RF and infrared design capabilities including RFID technologies
  • Digital Design Expertise
    • Electronic architecture and timing analysis
    • Digital filter design and filter modeling
    • Digital signal processing
    • Embedded microprocessors
    • System on chip integration
    • High speed data links
    • Ethernet development
    • Discrete component high speed design and development
    • Power conversion, AC-DC and DC-DC design and development
    • LVDS, Bus LVDS, Ethernet (10/100 BaseT), UARTS (RS232), USB, SPI, 3-wire serial, Can Bus, I2C, custom communication protocols, and Bluetooth and other wireless
  • Tools and Skills
    • High speed oscilloscopes
    • Timing and logic analyzers
    • Spectrum analyzers
    • Experience in PAL, GAL, EPLD, FPGA, programmable logic and ASIC design
    • Custom integrated PCB layout with Pulsonix graphics software package (import capability with Eagle, Orcad, Protel, Pads, CAD-Star, Integra, etc.)
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