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Electronic Switch Technologies

Duraswitch® is revolutionizing the marketplace with its award-winning next-generation electronic switch technology.



Why all the interest in our product line?  We have combined the best features of both electro-mechanical and flat panel membrane switches into cost effective, thin designs that provide excellent solutions for next-generation products.   Duraswitch's patented designs offer many value-added benefits not replicable with conventional technology.  PushGate® pushbuttons and thiNcoder® rotor switches, along with its unique multi-directional MagnaMouse™ control can be integrated into one flex circuit, using our unique Island® integration construction concept.  The Island eliminates the need for failure-prone component interconnections such as solder, conductive adhesives, or wiring harnesses, making Duraswitch a sound choice as manufacturer’s need to eliminate environmental contaminates from their manufacturing process.


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Founded in 1997, Duraswitch is a next generation switch technology. Duraswitch was purchased by Esterline Interface Technologies in October of 2008.  Duraswitch engineering solutions can not be achieved through traditional switch technologies. Our dedicated engineering team works with OEM’s to solve switching challenges.  Our portfolio of electronic switch technologies includes: push buttons and rotary dials integrated into control panels. Duraswitch award winning technologies can be purchased directly through Memtron or through an extensive licensee base.

For more information or to initiate a quote using the Duraswitch technology, contact us at 800-444-5923 or email eit.sales@esterline.com


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