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Capacitive Switching


TrueTouch Capacitance Switching     

Capacitive switching technology is based on the principle of signal detection through capacitance or resistive coupling (human touch) of identified generated input pulses.

The touch surface can be designed with virtually any dielectric material including glass, plastic, polycarbonate, or any rough or smooth surface less than 25mm thick. Sensitivity is adjustable allowing operators to actuate the device with or without gloves. Because there are no moving parts, a capacitance switch is rated for more than five million cycles.

Capacitance switching technology provides cost-effective design alternatives to other switch technologies. Open architecture allows for easy integration or retrofit into a wide range of switch applications.

Key Features

  • Touch Control Technology (solid state)
  • Touch surface can be any dielectric material including glass, plastic, polycarbonate, marble, and wood
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Custom graphics can be printed directly on touch surface or graphic overlay
  • Options include point source or flood backlighting
  • Tactile response is available
  • Adjustable key sensitivity permits use with or without gloves
  • Key size can be designed to customer requirements
  • Panel thickness up to 0.95 in. [24 mm] depending on material and sensitivity
  • Compatible with contoured (non-flat) switching panels
  • Fully adaptable to any controller; no proprietary interface required
  • Easily integrated into existing control switch applications
  • Matrix outputs for seamless replacement and integration into membrane applications

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