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Flex Circuits

Make your electronic interconnection both simpler and more reliable with tight tolerance, fine line circuits


Flex Circuit   
 Chest Monitor
 Flex Circuit

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Flex circuits or flexible PCBs offer our OEM customers several advantages: first, they have the trace routing and current carrying capabilities as well as the SMT component populating options of a FR4 printed circuit board; second, they have flexibility of a membrane switch. Flex circuits can be developed using polyester or polyimide (Kapton) as the base material depending on your interface requirements. From simple single layer copper flex on polyester to complex double sided on polyimide, Esterline Interface Technologies can provide our customers the correct flex for your application.

Flex circuits can also be developed to be both ridged and flexible to reduce interconnects and incorporate tails directly into the circuit.

  • Polyimide
  • Polyester

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