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Grizzly  Ruggedized Keyboard 


Demanding applications require a keyboard built to withstand maximum abuse in harsh environments.  Esterline Interface Technologies designed the cusomizable Grizzly Xtreme to reliably operate in harsh situations.  The Grizzly Xtreme is completely sealed with backlit elastomer keys that provide low-light operation and excellent tactile feel.


The durable Grizzly Xtreme withstands environmental usage hazards typical of mobile, rugged, and industrial applications. 

The Grizzly Xtreme is an elastomer keypad encased in an upper and lower powder-coated die cast aluminum housing.  It is waterproof, dustproof and chemical resistant.

 Grizzly Xtreme

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 Typical Applications

 Features and Benefits

  • Mobile
  • Harsh environments 
  • Rugged computing
  • Low-light environments 
  • Security
  • 101 Key layout
  • 10 key numeric keypad
  • Low profile - full sized keys
  • Integrated pointing device
  • USB compatible
  • Wear-proof legends
  • Excellent tactile feel 
  • FCC, US, CE and RoHS compliant
  • Sealed elastomeric keys
  • Meets NEMA 4 / IP67
  • Waterproof, dustproof, resistant to most chemicals
  • LED Backlight with intensity control
  • Customizable legends and colors


Anti-Vandal 63 Key Ruggedized Keyboards

 Rugged 63 Key Resistant to knives, pens, butane lighters and virtually any other type of abuse where either vandalism or weather is a major concern in design, Esterline Interface Technologies Anti-Vandal keyboards will survive harsh commercial and public use environments. 

Interface Technologies Anti-Vandal keyboards utilize a metal key technology which secures the keys from inside the keyboard providing a solution that can endure the rigors of industrial and public use environments.  Partnered with an Interface Technologies rugged trackball the keyboard becomes the most effective cursor-control device for kiosk applications.  

Click on either keyboard to view full data sheetRugged 63 Key Combo

 Typical Applications 

 Features and Benefits 

  • Public interactive kiosks
  • Interactive ATMs
  • Outdoor use
  • Harsh environments
  • Resistant to impact, sharp objects, liquid spills, butane lighters
  • Laser etched legends not prone to wear out
  • Fully strain relieved cabling on keyboard and trackball 
  • PS/2 compatible 
  • Secured keycaps prevent removal
  • User friendly break over tactile feedback
  • OEM friendly design with pre-drilled mounting holes facilitates rapid integration  
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