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Medigenic Keyboard Clean-Alert Setting Software

Clean Alert Setting Can Be Modified

The Medigenic® Compliance keyboards include a flashing indicator light (symbol) and audible alarm to alert users to clean the keyboard at timed intervals. The interval on the cleaning alert has been preset at twelve hours. The clock setting (frequency) of the indicator light and audible alarm can be changed or turned off with downloadable PC software. The program will auto-install upon download and provides simple instructional guidance. For additional support, call 1-800-444-5923 ext 1546.

Download Instructions

  1. Download the Medigenic installation file to your PC. File name is: Medigenic_Setup.zip 
  2. Double click on the Medigenic installation file that was downloaded
  3. Follow the Medigenic installation instructions as they appear
  4. To uninstall the Medigenic keyboard configuration utility use the Windows Control Panel – ‘Add or Remove Programs’ feature


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