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Medigenic Keyboards and Mouse for Infection-Control

Strong arguments for improved infection-control methodology are evident where computer keyboards collect biological contaminants and require attention to maintain disinfection.  All feature a moisture-resistant surface comprised of a pliant silicon based material making it impervious to spray or liquid cleaning products.  Healthcare professionals can swiftly document care with excellent tactile key response.

Medigenic® Essential 

 Medigenic® Compliance

 Medigenic® Scroll Mouse


 Compliance 101-102

  Complinace 104-105  Scroll Mouse
An easy to clean, cost effective keyboard for use in any medical environment.

These patented infection control keyboards help monitor their own cleaning status to safeguard both patient and staff.  It is available in a 101/102 cart size and a 104/105 standard keyboard size.

Made of the same pliant silicone based material as the keyboards and can be wiped or rinsed as necessary.


For more detailed information and product specifications click HERE to view Medigenic Product Family comparison Data Sheet.  To view individual data sheets click on the image.

To schedule a free Medigenic Infection Control Keyboard trial - click HERE

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