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Custom Products Expertise

Esterline Interface Technologies routinely produce application-specific devices by integrating standard elements into more complex control interfaces. These solutions combine standard building blocks from a wide variety of technology providers to meet customer-specific needs.  Whether you need an experimental prototype or large production turns, we can partner with you to optimize your design for greater success.

The use of standard building blocks reduces cost, reduces time to market, and increases your projects success.

While not an exhaustive list, following are some examples of standard building blocks utilized in the development of custom products:

Standard Building Blocks   

Materials include:

  • Elastomer
  • Silicone elastomer
  • Fiber optics
  • Machined metal
  • Sheet metal
  • Plastics 
  Elastomer Keypad 
 Standard Building Blocks  

 Components include:

  • Displays (LED, LCD, OLED, flat panel, touch screen)
  • Switches (membrane, Duraswitch, Pushgate, thiNcoder roter)
  • Pointing devices (joystick, mouse, trackball, touchpad)
  • Encoders, flexible circuits, PCB, audo, cabling, battery
 Standard Building Blocks  

 Processes include:

  • Backlighting (LED, fiber optic)
  • Packaging (injection mold, die cast, co-molding, sealing, shielding)
  • Decoration and coatings (laser etch, screen print, pad print, in-mold decoration, environmental coating)
  • Integration (firmware, software, electrical interfaces)
 Standard Building Blocks  

 Assemblies include:

  • Embedded controller
  • Embedded operating system
  • Single board computer
  • Keyboards, keypads
  • Control panels
  • Handhelds and desktop solutions
   Embedded Computer
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