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Consistent Collaboration

Collaborative design environment includes electrical,

mechanical, manufacturing, and test engineering

Esterline Interface Technologies manages every phase of your product life cycle, from initial design to aftermarket services.  Our design through production cycle process provides customers with a focused time-to-market advantage.  Our engineers collaborate with you through product development (design, manufacturability, and reliability) to ensure products are introduced dependably and rapidly.  Complex product range and superior price performance contribute to our overall value proposition.


Research and Development

  • Innovative Technology focus
  • Common building blocks for conceptual design
  • Multi-industry experience ensures "best practices" 



  • Obsolescence management
  • Lifecyle management



Production Ramp

  • Design for efficient manufacture / process efficiency optimization
  • New Product Introduction process
  • LEAN cell configuration maximizes manufacturing capability 
 Project Management


 Product Design

  • 3D concept printer (real-time part evaluation)
  • ProE, Solidworks, AutoCAD
  • Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw


  • Rapid prototype process
  • 3D concept models (proof of concept)
  • Functional models
  • Concepts before tooling investment
  • In-house test and validation
  • On-site shops; machine, elastomer, SMD, and laser
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