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The Hytek Story

total run time: 14:30

This short documentary explores all aspects of the community at Hytek Finishes. From our culture, to our service, to our commitment to Lean processing this video shows it all. Start your video exploration here.

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Steel / Titanium / Other Metals Plating

total run time: 1:00

In this short interview, John Armour explains how Hytek's highly trained employees deliver top quality work on complex projects.

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Aluminum Processing

total run time: 1:22

Aluminum processing at Hytek delivers high volume, high quality product, with quick turn at a reasonable price. This short film explains how flow manufacturing makes it possible.

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Organic Coatings and Paints

total run time: 1:08

Jay Goodier and Jennie Le explain the philosophy and process at work in Hytek's busy paint shop.

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Non Destructive Test / Inspect

total run time: 0:37

Randy Layton explains the importance of certified non-destructive testing at Hytek.

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Shot Peen and Non-chemical Processing

total run time: 0:38

Shot peen is essentially modern-day blacksmithing. Clem Richter explains quality and pride are an important part of this process.

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In-House Laboratory

total run time: 1:03

Hytek's commitment to the science of surface finishing is critical to its customers. It allows for faster turn-around, better quality and better response.

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total run time: 1:06

Quality is how Hytek built its reputation. Ensuring quality falls on every employee at Hytek.

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