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Environmental Policy

Hytek Finishes is committed to the protection of our natural environment. Hytek recognizes that an integral part of our business is the handling and use of hazardous materials. To ensure that Hytek’s operation does not adversely affect the environment, Hytek is committed to full compliance with all local, state and federal environmental laws. Hytek has adopted operations, procedures, technologies, programs and policies to ensure such compliance.

Hytek recognizes that the actions of our employees are critical to the success of our operations and environmental compliance program. The protection of the environment and continued compliance with environmental regulations are in the hands of all our employees. As a condition of employment, Hytek employees must follow strictly all local, state and federal environmental laws and regulations and all Hytek policies, procedures and programs related to environmental protection.

As part of its environmental compliance program, Hytek is committed to providing our employees with the appropriate level of training to ensure full compliance by our employees. As part of that training program, employees are instructed that if they are unsure of the proper procedure or action to take in a given circumstance, it is the employees’ responsibility to seek counsel from other trained employees or management.

The company is committed to meet the pollution prevention goals it has created for itself. These goals are designed to responsibly minimize the use of hazardous materials and generation of hazardous wastes. Recycling is given consideration only when reduction is not feasible. Waste treatment is utilized to ensure compliance with all appropriate regulations. Meeting established goals is a high company priority and Hytek is dedicated to ensuring that the company carries out this important responsibility.

Hytek considers environmental compliance to be one of the highest company priorities and is dedicated to assuring that everyone associated with the company carry out this important responsibility.

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