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Our Core Lean Values

As a continually improving company, we understand that being good is not good enough for our customers or employees. The path to becoming a great company lies within ones philosophies, and that path is put together by many small steps. The first of these steps begins with our Core Lean Values.


We focus on 3 of the 5S methodologies (Sort, Straighten, and Sweep) to help standardize our areas and make them a visual workplace. To start with, everyone gets together to do an initial Team Clean to the entire area. From that point forward, we sustain it by cleaning at a specific time every day, every shift.

  • Sort – sort out what is ‘needed’ from what is ‘not needed’ 
  • Straighten – keep everything that is needed in an orderly fashion 
  • Sweep – clean area, tools, and equipment to keep all in safe working conditions

Waste Elimination

We strive to reduce or eliminate the 7 most common wastes found in processing. These are Overproduction, Waiting, Transportation, Processing, Inventory, Movement, and Defects. Tools or methods that we have used include:

  • Implementing pull systems
  • Level loading
  • Standard work
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Reorder points (ROP’s)
  • Point of Use Supplies (POUS)
  • Batch Reduction

Engage Everyone

Here at Hytek, we firmly believe our employees are the foundation of our success, and employee involvement is a major part of this reason. One way that we are able to take advantage of this is by promoting employee generated improvements. It is through this method that everyone has the ability to communicate, participate and work together to implement new iDeas.

We look forward to showing you how these values provide you with the best in Surface Finishing.

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