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Our Environmental Policy covers Darchem Engineering's activities at its Stillington and Gloucester sites.

Darchem Engineering is committed to continuous improvement, prevention and reduction of pollution and to minimising the environmental impact of its activities, processes and services.

This will be achieved by:

  • Minimizing waste and the consumption of resources e. g. materials, fuels and energy.
  • Ensuring that product and process design include full consideration of environmental effects.
  • Continuing to meet current and future legislation, regulations and customer environmental requirements. Maintain an environmental management system that will meet the requirements of ISO 14001.
  • Set and monitor key objectives and targets for managing our environmental performance and improvements.
  • Maintain an environmental management system that will meet the requirements of ISO 14001.
  • Training all employees to be aware of their responsibilities towards environmental activities.
  • Encourage communication with our employees, suppliers, customers, neighbours and stakeholders on managing environmental issues.
  • Controlling and monitoring all activities that may cause a significant environmental impact.
  • Promoting and seeking the active participation of employees, customers and suppliers in the environmental policy.

Darchem Engineering will identify the environmental aspects of its activities in order to determine those which may have significant impacts on the environment.  We are committed to improving the environmental performance of the company through managing these

significant environmental aspects.

The main site at Stillington has achieved ISO 14001 certification and is now committed to maintaining an environmental management system that meets the certification requirements.


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