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Artillery Products

Armtec ® MACs

Artillery Products

The 155mm Modular Artillery Charge System (MACS) uses a three piece combustible case set for each of six modules. The MACS is type-classified and in production and will become the U.S. standard, meeting the needs of both the heavy forces and the rapidly deployable Brigade Combat Teams.

The Modular Artillery Charge System and maximum range unitary charges, such as the M203AI, offer the superior performance demanded from today’s artillery systems.

These charges offer:

  • Compatibility with conventional and new howitzer systems
  • Significant reduction in logistics and greater operational flexibility
  • Enhanced precision and increased range
  • Higher rates of fire
  • Extended gun barrel life
  • More affordable than bag charges
  • JBMOU compliant

Product Guides

Combustible Ordnance Brochure

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