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Racal Acoustics Hearing-Protection and Communications Solutions


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PDFOverview of Racal Acoustics solutions

RA4000 Magna headset

Find out all about the new RA4000 Magna digital headset for harsh high-noise environments

Video introduction to the RA4000 Magna headset

Racal Acoustics products from Esterline include in-the-ear headsets, medium-noise and high-noise headsets, lightweight headsets, and handsets for use in military, paramilitary, and first responder markets.

While these market segments share many fundamental requirements, they each also have unique operational issues. We address these needs with features tailored specifically to exact end-user applications.

Our engineers create innovative solutions, always taking in consideration end-user feedback. In every one of our products, we are dedicated to delivering clear communications, ruggedness, comfort, compatibility with other equipment, and an ergonomic design.

ELITE Hearing
Protection System

  Racal Acoustics ELITE Hearing Protection System

The digital ELITE Hearing Protection System is our latest plug-and-play personal-communications solution with modular in-ear headset and control switch. With its world-class protection against continuous noise and sudden acoustic shock, it lets you hear what needs to be heard.

Lightweight Headsets

 Racal Acoustics Cobra headset

Our lightweight tactical headsets integrate intelligibility, ruggedness, reliability, stability, comfort, and ease of use in one package.

Medium-Noise Headsets

Racal Acoustics Raptor binaural headset

We offer high-performance circumaural headsets for medium noise levels in industrial, aviation, and military settings, featuring our Active Noise Reduction (ANR) technology and advanced earshell design.

Field Handset

RA2250 Slimline handset

The RA250 Slimline handset provides a simple, handheld interface for many forms of field communication systems.

High-Noise Headsets and Helmets

 Racal Acoustics RA315 high-noise helmet

To cancel even extreme noise levels, our high-noise headsets and helmet systems deliver greater attenuation through voluminous ear cushions in addition to our proprietary ANR technology. They are an ideal solution for soldiers in tracked combat vehicles.


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