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Racal Acoustics RA112 Jetlite Lightweight Headset

Racal RA112 Atlantic headset  

Our RA112 Jetlite headset is extremely lightweight, comfortable, and ideal for continual use in stressful environments, including air-traffic control, flight decks, broadcasting, call centers, and more.

The headset consists of a padded, lightweight spring headband and two tough molded ear shells with integral earphones and circumaural cushions, offering stability and comfort for long periods without undue pressure.

PDFRA112 product sheet

For more information, email us at sales@racalacoustics.com.


Racal RA112 Jetlite headset in air control tower


Summary of Features and Benefits

  • Full cushions, low headband force, and padded headband for comfort
  • Optimal passive attenuation for concentration and situational awareness
  • Single or dual earphones with quick-release termination
  • Earphones with various impedances and wiring options
  • Microphones with various impedances and sensitivities
  • Boom, cabling, and terminations options, as well as accessories

For more information or to place an order, email us at sales@racalacoustics.com or contact one of our sales representatives.


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