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Series A rotary selector switches

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Many of our customers select Korry knobs for their Janco rotary products.



Janco rotary switchesJanco rotary selector switches, potentiometers, and optical encoders offer a wide range of interface possibilities and are used on commercial and military flight decks, medical equipment, and test equipment, anywhere high-reliability rotary controls are required.

Janco rotary switches are organized in six basic series aimed at different categories of requirements. Our design approach is modular, so in addition to many standard configurations, we can easily adapt a solution to your needs.

NOTE TO OUR OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS: All the Janco rotary selector switch series listed below, as well as our pushbutton selector switches, are designated EAR99, which means they can be shipped to most destinations under most circumstances, under the designation "NLR" (No License Required), according to the US Bureau of Industry and Security.

Rotary Switch Series Overview

Series A - 30 Degree Indexing Rotary Selector Switch         
Series B - 36 Degree Indexing Rotary Switch          
Series C - 22 Degree Indexing Rotary Switch 

Series A: miniature
Technical summary
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PDFSeries A tech sheet


Series B: micro-miniature
Technical summary


Series C: power
Technical summary

Series EA - 22, 30, 36 and 45 Degree Miniature Rotary Selector Switch Printed Circuit          
Series 4M - 30 Degree Indexing Rotary Switch          
Series BKS - 30, 36, 45 60 and 90 Degree Micro-Miniature Rotary Selector Switch Keylock  

Series E: printed circuit Technical summary


Series M: military QPL Technical summary


Technical summary

Janco rotary selector switches are complex, miniaturized electromechanical systems capable of a wide range of truth-table logic functions while interfacing AC or DC power up to 10 Amperes to inductive and resistive loads. They offer configurations with multiple decks, multiple poles per deck, concentric and axial motions, and a number of separate microswitches.

Rotary switches offer specific design and performance advantages for direct-power switching: compared to microelectronic controls driving banks of relays, they are more compact, weigh less, reduce circuit complexity, and increase reliability.

When hand actuated, they also give the operator immediate tactile feedback that a function is locked in, with no need for visual confirmation. In busy environments and emergency situations, this feedback can be life saving.


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