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Mason Controls

MASON control gripThe Mason controls team at Esterline Control Systems offers world-class control devices and subsystems — such as control grips, throttles, and HaWC unmanned system controllers — for today’s advanced cockpits, military vehicles, and other specialized applications.

Most Mason grips, throttles, cyclics, and other control products are custom designs created to satisfy a particular set of customer needs. Our standard configurations serve primarily as a starting point.

Our controls stand out from the competition with thoroughly engineered designs, integrating human factors, embedded software, environmental ruggedness, and more.


Control Grips
and Throttles

MASON control grip and throttle - F-18

Mason flight sticks, control grips, throttles, and control wheels for fixed-wing aircraft comprise the largest selection of styles and configurations available anywhere. We also supply cyclic and collective grips for military and commercial helicopters.

A subset of our control grips is adapted specifically for use as commander's, target-acquisition, and weapons-control grips for military ground vehicles and weapon systems.

MASON control grip


HaWC Unmanned System Controllers

Mason Small HAWC controller

The Mason HaWC (Harm’s Way Controller) line has been engineered specifically for reliable, portable control of unmanned airborne vehicles (UAV), unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), remote sensors, and other unmanned systems.

Janco Rotary Products

JANCO rotary switch

High-reliability Janco rotary products — including selector switches, potentiometers, and optical encoders — are used on virtually every commercial and military aircraft today.

Specialized Flight Controls and More

MASON cursor control device

Many Mason solutions are difficult to catalog. These include various hand-control products for aircraft such as customized cursor controllers, speedbrakes, and landing gear switches, as well as digital control and input devices, such as our Tracducer® cursor controller and Portable Intel Device (PID).

We also provide an extensive line of toggle, rocker, slide, and other specialty switches, many of which are integrated into our more complex products.