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Korry 389 3-Day Quick Switch Configurator and Order Form

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Korry Quick Switch

PDFKorry 389 3-Day Quick Switch

Switches ship 3 days ARO.

Limited quantity. Korry terms and conditions only.

The product configurator and request form below offers you a simplified online process to define a Korry 389 3-Day Quick Switch by selecting options from pull-down menus. Please specify actuation type, display type, circuit type, dimming control, legend font, font height, nomenclature, legend type, and color.

Once you submit the form, one of our Korry Tech Center representatives will provide you with a part number and pricing within two business hours. Normal business hours are 6:30 am - 2:30 pm Pacific time.

IMPORTANT: As you work in the form, if you need to view another page, please do so in a separate window or tab, otherwise you will reset the form and lose your input.

NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: Due to the accelerated lead time of 3-Day Quick Switch units, special shipping packaging is not available. Our packaging is ESD compatible.

For assistance, email us at korry.techinfo@esterline.com or call 425-297-9628.

Korry 389 3-Day Quick Switch Configurator and Order Form

Lamp Circuit Type:


389 Quick Switch - 6-pin lamp circuit only
(For details, consult the reference drawing, right.)

Lighting Type:


Non-NVIS only

See lens configurations diagram, right.

Legend Definition
Only fill in applicable fields (A, B, C, D) for your selected lens configuration (see diagram, right).

See legend types diagram, right.


See legend types diagram, right.


See legend types diagram, right.


See legend types diagram, right.




Korry Terms and Conditions of Sale
(Opens in new window or tab so the
form will not clear.)


Contact Information (Required)

If not applicable, please enter "N/A."

If "Yes," you will be able to proceed with form submittal.
If "No," the form will refresh itself with ship-to address fields.
Your data will not be lost.


Check to receive an email copy of your submittal.


          Clear Form 


Reference Drawings

PDF389 6-pin configuration

Zip3-D STEP models of 389, 427, and 428 switches (3 .stp files; ZIP archive)


Lens Configurations



Vert. split

Horiz. split


3-way B





Legend Types

Legend types


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