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AVISTA is the brand of the engineering services group at Esterline Control & Communication Systems. We support our customers with:

We develop systems and software solutions for many different industries, but our primary focus has been on three sectors:

The value we deliver shows up as quality, time, and money. We help you minimize risk and better satisfy your end customer.

We do this by offering the best people in the business, working with world-class processes: CMMI, AS9100, PMP, RTCA (DO-178B/C, DO-254), ARP-4754A, and more.

We also now have an internal Agile coaching team of ScrumMasters® -— 25 and growing — certified by the Scrum Alliance. They facilitate the use of Agile concepts throughout our organization to continuously improve performance, reduce waste, and respond more effectively to a rapidly changing environment, helping us deliver higher value to our customers.

We provide our customers and eventual end users with value in two ways:

  • Direct value: when we work directly with a customer outside the Esterline group of operations. We've been involved in more than 1,500 projects for major companies in aerospace and other industries.
  • Indirect value: when we work to support other Esterline brands and project groups. Although we may not receive first-line recognition, we make significant contributions to more than 100 Esterline products, including solutions on the Boeing 787, Gulfstream 500/600, and many other platforms.

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