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AVISTA Engineering Services

AVISTA safety-critical software engineering

Our AVISTA engineering-services group delivers software engineering, systems engineering, automated test environments, hardware validation, and certification support to leading companies in the aerospace, defense, and medical markets.

Codis Display and Networking Solutions

Codis ATC display

Codis visualization products are now part of Esterline Advanced Displays.

Mason Controls

Mason controls

Mason control solutions encompass flight controls, cursor controllers, and HaWC unmanned systems controllers for today’s advanced cockpits, military vehicles, and other specialized applications.

Janco rotary products — including selector switches, potentiometers, and optical encoders — are used on virtually every commercial and military aircraft today.

Janco rotary products


Palomar Secure Communication Solutions

Palomar secure intercommunications systems

Palomar products provide highly reliable secure voice and data switching solutions for military airborne, ground, and shipboard applications. Our secure intercommunications systems provide crewmembers access to radios, cryptos, and intercom voice channels, providing simultaneous multi-level secure communications that are TEMPEST-qualified.

Racal Acoustics
Hearing-Protection and Communications Equipment

Racal Acoustics communications products Racal Acoustics communications products

Racal Acoustics products include in-the-ear, medium-noise, and high-noise headsets, as well as handsets and other accessories, for use in military, paramilitary, first responder, aviation, and industrial markets.

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