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Racal Acoustics RA6000 Talon Press-to-Talk (PTT) Switchbox

Racal RA6000 press-to-talk switchbox   RA6000 Talon press-to-talk system  

The compact RA6000 Talon switchbox is an ergonomically designed four-channel PTT unit for simple-to-use, reliable connectivity with multiple communication sources. It supports common military radio systems and vehicle and aircraft intercom systems. Convenient for mounted and dismounted operations alike, it allows users to continuously monitor up to four communication channels and selectively transmit on them via four intuitive PTT buttons.

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Racal RA6000 Talon press-to-talk solution


Summary of Features and Benefits

  • Four-channel PTT system configurable for up to two portable radios, platform intercom, or platform radio/intercom
  • Compatible with a wide range of circumaural, in-the-ear, low-noise, and covert headsets
  • Optional, separate three-channel wireless control unit for remote operation of the PTTs
  • Clear, high-quality speech communications from radios and intercoms with volume level adjustment
  • Medevac mode for direct person-to-person intercom
  • Adjustable talk-through with active noise limiting
  • Additional passive/active noise reduction from headsets appropriate for the mission type
  • Optional integral active noise reduction (ANR) circuitry
  • Ergonomically shaped left/right-hand compatible switchbox with intuitive interface, large tactile PTT buttons, and carry pouch

For more information or to place an order, email us at sales@racalacoustics.com or contact one of our sales representatives.


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