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Racal Acoustics RA2000 Field Telephone

Racal RA2000 field telephone  

Built to withstand extreme conditions, the Racal Acoustics RA2000 unit combines our low-profile, helmet-compatible RA250 Slimline handset and a multifunctional base with keypad and display. It offers a wide range of options for enhanced system capabilities, and can also double as a handset solution for field radios.

PDFRA2000 product sheet

For more information, email us at sales@racalacoustics.com.


Racal RA200 field telephone in use


Summary of Features and Benefits

  • Compatible with commonly used two-wire field switchboard systems, with magneto ringing, DC loop calling, and two-way duplex speech
  • Exchange or battery powered
  • Optional keypad-controlled DTMF or loop-disconnect signaling
  • Audible/visual call indication
  • Handset pressel for microphone control, with option for remote radio-transmitter control
  • EMC with HF and VHF radio transmitters
  • Optional morse-key function, 10-number dialer, last-number redial, and time-break recall
  • Optional ‘STBY/USE’ switch for off-hook operation
  • Optional audible/visual alarm switch with whisper-speech function
  • Easy field deployment with fixing slots, stowage options, screw terminals, integral wire strippers, and a socket for connecting a headset, PC, or data terminal

For more information or to place an order, email us at sales@racalacoustics.com or contact one of our sales representatives.


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