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Racal Acoustics Medium-Noise Circumaural Headsets

Our high-performance medium-noise headsets feature an advanced earshell design and our proprietary active noise reduction (ANR) technology to defeat medium noise levels in industrial, aviation, and military applications.

Racal RA155 Atlantic headset   Racal RA5001 Raptor headset

RA155 Atlantic headset overview

PDFRA155 product sheet

  • Lightweight headset purpose-designed for military aviation
  • Optimized for crew comfort on long flying missions

RA5001 Raptor headset overview

PDFRA5001 product sheet

  • Re-engineered RA5000 unit, based on 6-plus years of user feedback
  • Designed for next-generation commercial and military intercoms systems

For more information, email us at sales@racalacoustics.com.


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