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Racal Acoustics High-Noise Headsets

This series of Racal Acoustics headsets from Esterline delivers high-performance circumaural solutions engineered for high-noise aviation and mounted-soldier applications. With active noise reduction (ANR) and advanced earshell design to defeat high ambient noise levels, our headsets offer situational awareness, clear communications, ruggedness, and comfort.

Racal RA101 Jetgard headset   Racal RA108 Slimgard II headset   Racal RA195 iCombat headset   Racal RA315 IHS helmet/headset

RA101 Jetgard headset overview

PDFRA101 product sheet

  • Helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft applications
  • Lightweight for comfort, with high noise attenuation

RA108 Slimgard II headset overview

PDFRA108 product sheet

  • Engineered for US mechanized infantry
  • Adapted to close fitting PASGT-style ballistic helmets

RA195 iCombat headset overview

PDFRA195 product sheet

  • Based on the in-service British Army RA195 Combat
  • Ideal for high noise levels in combat vehicles

RA315 Integrated Helmet System (IHS) overview

PDFRA315 IHS product sheet

  • Integrated communication headset and helmet
  • Well suited for combat-vehicle crews

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