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Product Request Form for Janco Series A Miniature Rotary Selector Switches

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This product request form guides you through the basic parameters of a Janco Series A rotary switch, so we can understand your application requirements and recommend the most appropriate configuration.

Design considerations include:

  • Electrical requirements
  • Switch load and circuitry
  • Envelope and termination requirements
  • Environmental conditions
  • Special options, such as isolated or guarded positions, momentary positions, or a concentric shaft.

Once you submit the form, one of our customer service representatives will contact you with product and ordering information.

IMPORTANT: As you work in the form, if you need to view another page, please do so in a separate window or tab, otherwise you will reset the form and lose your input.

Please click on the question-mark icons for more information about specific fields. For additional assistance, email us at janco.sales@esterline.com or call 818-361-3366.

NOTE TO OUR OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS: All Janco rotary selector switches on our site are designated EAR99, which means they can be shipped to most destinations under most circumstances, under the designation "NLR" (No License Required), according to the US Bureau of Industry and Security.


Janco Series A Product Request Form

General Information


Electrical Requirements


Switch Load and Circuitry


Envelope and Termination Requirements


Environmental Conditions


Special Options


Additional Comments or Questions



Contact and Shipping Information

If not applicable, please enter "N/A."

Check to receive an email copy of your submittal.


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