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Mason Sticks, Grips, Throttles, and Wheels for Fixed Wing Aircraft

Flight Sticks, Control Grips, and Throttles

For complete control solutions, specify Mason flight sticks, control grips, and throttles from Esterline. From the F-117 to the Space Shuttle, Mason controls are there. We make more styles than anyone. The units in this guide are merely examples of the wide variety available.

We design and develop our grips to meet specific aircraft requirements. Our past experience indicates that a wholesale transfer of existing control grips and throttles to new aircraft rarely occurs. Even with details such as switches, there is usually a need for an adaptation or adjustment. We pride ourselves on working with our customers to provide them with design solutions responsive to their requirements.

Control Wheels

Mason control wheels are used on many commercial airframes, including the Premier 1, 400A, Sino Swearingen SJ30, G100, G150, G200, G400, G500, Boeing 717, and Canada Air Regional Jets. They are also used on many military platforms, such as the C-130 and C-5 transports.

Pilot and copilot control wheels vary in size, shape and functionality depending on what a customer needs. This product guide is a representation of some of the wheels we make.

  • F-16 Throttle Quadrant Assembly
  • F-18 Throttle and Control Grip
  • L-159 Hands-On Throttle and Flight Stick
  • Mig-21 Throttle Grip and Flight Stick
  • G100 Control Wheel
  • Gulfstream G500 Wheel
  • Premier 1 Wheel
  • RJ-700 Control Wheel

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